Controversial Statement from Pierre-Luc Dubois Confirms Many's Fears

Published July 12, 2023 at 9:29
In the last few hours, Quebecois forward Pierre-Luc Dubois broke his silence for the very first time since his trade to the Los Angeles Kings, and also, for the first time since his non-trade to the Montreal Canadiens.

Let's remember that serious information was suggesting that Dubois was heading to Montreal.

Some credible sources even asserted that there was a 95% certainty that he was going to become a player for the Canadiens. As you know, this is not what happened at all in the end.

Even his agent publicly gave hope to the fans of the Montreal Canadiens.

A Controversial Statement

In an article from TVA Sports, see what we can read. Let's say it's a big change of narrative.

The article is even titled: "Kings: an easy decision for Pierre-Luc Dubois".

"Pierre-Luc Dubois may have considered playing for the Montreal Canadiens, but when the Los Angeles Kings knocked on the door, he did not hesitate for very long."

Let's say we're far from Alex DeBrincat, who seriously insisted on being traded home, to Detroit, and it worked in his case.

See what Dubois declared:

"It was a long process," Dubois said of the negotiations. "When I found out the Kings were interested, it became an easy decision for me."

- Pierre-Luc Dubois

Also during this interview, Dubois did not mention Montreal once. He did not say a word about Montreal.

He was asked about his well-known interest in playing for the Canadiens. After all, it wasn't just a simple rumor, it was publicly hyped by his own agent, but despite all that, he simply replied that you shouldn't believe all the chatter.


Let's say this is a statement that is causing a lot of reactions right now and is not pleasing everyone.

It gives energy to those who believe that Dubois used Montreal to increase his value.

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Controversial Statement from Pierre-Luc Dubois Confirms Many's Fears

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