Two popular public figures criticize Patrice Bergeron, and it sparks a huge reaction

Published July 26, 2023 at 10:46
Yesterday, it was Patrice Bergeron Day, and as tributes poured in from all corners to celebrate his absolutely exceptional career, two radio hosts decided to go against the flow.

While 99% of hockey insiders rightfully praised the Quebec native's career, including the Montreal Canadiens organization, here's what two very popular radio hosts from the Boston region had to say:

It's felger & Mazz. Boston radio legends who are known for shitting over all boston sports. They've been saying for years that bergeron is over-rated because he lost 2 cups and was never the best offensive 2way player in the game. It hurts to listen to them as you'd imagine

It's really discouraging to read this and it's very difficult to understand honestly.

"You would think that the top defensive center in the history of the sport who also had a career pace of 66 points would not have to face any shit-talking upon retirement but thank god we have radio hosts for that."

JFresh, condemning the comments of Felger & Mazz

These are two extremely popular radio hosts in the Boston region who indeed chose to belittle Patrice Bergeron on air on what was supposed to be a special day for him.

They went on to argue that he is overrated, that he lost two Stanley Cups he should have won (as if he were solely responsible for the team's performance), and even questioned his abilities as a defensive forward.

Six Selke Trophies aren't enough for them?

In short, it's evident that we strongly disagree with their remarks, and we stand 100% behind Patrice Bergeron. He is one of the all-time greats, and his incredible career deserves utmost praise.

It's a valuable lesson, demonstrating that no matter what you do in life, there will always be critics whose views are hard to comprehend.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it was certainly unnecessary to publicly criticize Bergeron on the day of his retirement announcement.


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Two popular public figures criticize Patrice Bergeron, and it sparks a huge reaction

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