League-Altering Trade Involving Connor McDavid Goes Viral Online

Published November 15, 2023 at 10h06
When it comes to trade proposals and rumors, especially regarding the Montreal Canadiens, many of you are sometimes critical in the comments, and that's perfectly fine.

Reading your thoughts helps us a lot, and it's true that some of the rumors circulating are really far-fetched.

However, it's always interesting to see that elsewhere, things can sometimes be even more exaggerated, particularly in Carolina.

A site covering the Hurricanes has just published an article titled "Conner McDavid traded to Carolina?"

Yes, they wrote Conner instead of Connor.

Anyway, this article is currently causing quite a stir, especially because of what's written in it.

Here's an excerpt:

"Would Necas and Teravainen be enough (to trade for McDavid)?"
"The Hurricanes wouldn't make that trade. I don't believe it. [...] Trading two players for one is probably not the best idea."
- From the article

Excuse me? McDavid would cost at least six times more than that to acquire!

And they're saying they wouldn't give up Necas and Teravainen to acquire Connor McDavid?

They continue:

"Would Brett Pesce and money and/or future considerations be enough?"
"If Carolina's defensive problems without Pesce are any indication, I don't see them doing it. Pesce has too much defensive value to trade. [...]"

We absolutely never do this normally, but this was worth mentioning.

Here we have an article from a media outlet covering the Hurricanes, sincerely suggesting they wouldn't trade Teuvo Teravainen and Martin Necas for the best player in the world?

Moreover, Teravainen's contract ends at the end of the season, so his value is considerably reduced.

Necas is an excellent young player, but he is still inferior to a player like Nick Suzuki, if we draw a parallel with the Canadiens.

And moreover, they add (in Carolina) that they wouldn't even trade defenseman Brett Pesce, in a 1-for-1, for McDavid?

We have a lot of trouble understanding this one. You can guess it's causing quite a stir.

In the case of these two trade suggestions, they would probably be pulling off the biggest heist in NHL history, and they would still refuse to do it?


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League-Altering Trade Involving Connor McDavid Goes Viral Online

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