Corey Perry is reportedly close to signing with a Canadian team and is being publicly destroyed by commentator Tony Marinaro

Elias Edmonson
January 20, 2024  (6:19 PM)

Photo of Corey Perry in a Habs jersey
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Now that Corey Perry has received absolution from the NHL to return to play, it is evident that several teams will want to add a solid veteran ahead of the playoffs.

Talk to the fans of the Canadiens who had the chance to see the former Ducks star be one of the pillars of the team during the unlikely journey to the Stanley Cup Final in 2021.
That said, without dwelling too much on the events that led the Chicago Blackhawks to terminate his contract a few weeks ago, some teams have already shown their colors and according to Frank Seravalli, the Edmonton Oilers would be interested in the 38-year-old veteran.
In fact, Edmonton would be outright the favorite team to acquire him.
However, as reported by the site Habsolumentfan.com, not everyone agrees that Corey Perry should return so quickly to the NHL.
Talk to Tony Marinaro who was not gentle towards the former Canadien.
During his appearance on BPM Sports, he declared that Perry did not deserve to return so quickly to the NHL and that despite everything that has been said in his case, the team that proceeds to hire him simply has no principle, according to him.
I have always believed in the 2nd chance, but there are exceptions! There are things you do and things you don't do. From what we hear, according to the things that have been done, I wouldn't touch that! There is always a fool [team] who is desperate! There will be a team that believes Perry is the missing piece. Nevertheless, if you hire a guy like that, you have no principle!

These are rather direct remarks towards Perry and we could see in the video that Stéphane Gonzalez and Georges Laraque did not seem to agree with his words.
That said, as the trade deadline is fast approaching and many teams will be looking for reinforcements, it is highly likely that Corey Perry will be back in the NHL soon.
To the great displeasure of Tony Marinaro!
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Corey Perry is reportedly close to signing with a Canadian team and is being publicly destroyed by commentator Tony Marinaro

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