Martin St-Louis' absence: a new and worrying post suggests that players might have to get used to it for a while

Elias Edmonson
March 19, 2024  (10:34)

Photo of Martin St Louis with Nick Suzuki and Mike Matheson
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Journalist Jonathan Bernier, from the Journal de Montréal, has just published a new article suggesting that the Canadiens' players (and fans) might have to manage without Martin St-Louis for a while.

Honestly, why not?
If his family needs him, we only wish for him to take all the necessary time with them.
It will simply be a good test for the players to show everything they have learned from Martin over the past two years and make him proud.
It's also worth mentioning that he continues to be involved in decisions, even while he's at home:
There's absolutely no rush for his return. Family is the priority.
In an article titled "Absence of Martin St-Louis: we might have to get used to it," the journalist from JdeM notably mentions the following:
"We might have to get used to it, because, as Kent Hughes indicated, Monday noon after the GM meeting, 'we have no idea when he might come back.'"

What's important is that the message and the game plan remain the same. And that's what the 46-year-old from Ontario will strive to do for as long as it takes.

- Jonathan Bernier, speaking particularly about Trevor Letowski

Several journalists have noticed a change in pace at practice, while Martin St-Louis is always extremely intense and energetic.
Letowski has his own somewhat calmer style:
"Attending a Canadiens practice without experiencing the verve and dynamism of Martin St-Louis is peculiar when you've been used to his pace and vigor for two years. Although equally qualified, let's say that Trevor Letowski does not exhibit the same intensity." - Jonathan Bernier, in an article about Martin St-Louis

But as the journalist rightly points out, it's not up to Letowski to bear the entire weight of replacing Martin St-Louis on his shoulders.
The players also have their part of the work to do.
They too can bring more energy, and they too can push even further.
It will be a good test for them tonight, and it will be interesting to see their response to this new challenge.
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Martin St-Louis' absence: a new and worrying post suggests that players might have to get used to it for a while

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