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Unexpected scene between Nick Suzuki and a journalist during a press conference: he gets asked about the WJC Scandal

Published February 2, 2024 at 10:34
Last night was the NHL All-Star Game draft.

Featuring Justin Bieber, Tate McRae, Will Arnett, and Michael Bublé, the atmosphere was festive, and we had a very nice evening.

The captain of the Montreal Canadiens, Nick Suzuki, was drafted by the team of Connor McDavid / Leon Draisaitl / Will Arnett.

It promises for tonight and tomorrow!

A press conference with Nick Suzuki

Suzuki was indeed at a press conference after the draft.

Most of the questions from journalists were very fun, funny, and light (reflecting the festive evening of yesterday), but however, there was one question that completely stood out from the others.

It's an extremely important topic, but was it appropriate to throw such a question at Nick Suzuki last night? You be the judge.

Between two hilarious questions about his teammates Cole Caufield and Juraj Slafkovsky, when he absolutely did not expect it, Nick Suzuki was asked a much more serious question.

He was asked about the toxic culture among hockey players, in connection with the scandal involving the 2018 edition of Team Canada juniors.

Let's just say it broke the mood and caught Suzuki off guard (his big smile quickly disappeared).

He replied that he doesn't know the whole story and can't comment too much at the moment because it's ongoing, but he believes that hockey players generally have a good culture and that it's not fair to generalize.

"There are a lot of good guys and good people in the NHL... It's a difficult situation and a terrible event, but it can't cast a big dark cloud over an entire category of people completely. I feel really bad..."

- Nick Suzuki

Understand us correctly! It's an extremely important subject and it absolutely needs to be discussed! But was last night the right moment? Was it important to ask Nick Suzuki the question during the festivities for the All-Star Game?

You be the judge, but it has caused quite a stir on the web.

See the press conference in question:

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Unexpected scene between Nick Suzuki and a journalist during a press conference: he gets asked about the WJC Scandal

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