Three Montreal Canadiens players could really be traded this summer

Published April 9, 2022 at 11:28

Now that the trade deadline is well in the rear view mirror, most Habs observers are looking ahead.

As we've seen recently with the use of young Justin Barron, even the club's leaders are planning for the future.

Youngsters will quickly take over and many experts are already trying to predict what the Tricolore's lineup will be next season. After all, the draft and the opening of the free-agent market are fast approaching.

Beyond the additions, some players will leave. Popular blogger Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, as part of his column this week on, believes three players in particular will leave.

He also believes that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will want to sign a few players this summer (players in their image like Kris Letang), but in order to do so, contracts will have to leave.

"We already know that Jeff Petry and his $6,250,000 for three more seasons are likely to leave, so I wouldn't have a problem with the CH giving Kristopher Letang a contract if that happens. Joel Armia will probably leave this summer as well, the same goes for Mike Hoffman and if Carey Price is able to return to the game, I think they will happily store Jake Allen. If the GM is able to release a few of these contracts, then yes, they will probably sign a few free agents!"

I would indeed be very surprised if Petry starts next season in Montreal. As for Joel Armia and his unattractive contract, if the interest is there as we think it is (in the NHL), the chances of him leaving are high. That would free up a 3.4 million per year, until 2025.

I wouldn't have too much trouble if Hoffman leaves and we replace him with another more interesting player.

As for Jake Allen, there will always be uncertainty around Carey Price's health, even if he is currently doing great, so he will always be very useful to the team. He is only 31 years old, it's not like his career is over.

In my opinion, the only good reason to trade him would be if we can get a great young promising (and already established) goalie in exchange. I'm thinking of Ilya Samsonov.

And we could add. Without that, even for a first round pick, I would be hesitant to trade him because the CH will need him and his career is far from over.

Do you agree with Beaudoin? Would you see Jeff Petry, Joel Armia and Mike Hoffman leave? Are they next?

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Three Montreal Canadiens players could really be traded this summer

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