The Montreal Canadiens did not want Hendrix Lapierre

Published October 15, 2021 at 9:20

In the 2020 draft, the Montreal Canadiens set their sights on Kaiden Guhle, who remains a "safe" pick. The young defenseman's shape in the pre-draft camp showed that the comparisons to Shea Weber were not that crazy. He will be playing in the NHL for a long time and will have a letter on his jersey in a few years.

That said, according to JiC from TVA sports, the Tricolore was doubtful about Hendrix Lapierre's health because of the severe concussions the young man has suffered. The Tricolore opted for Guhle at No. 16, while Lapierre was selected at No. 22 by the Washington Capitals. The first Quebec player on the CH's roster was not Lapierre, but rather Mavrik Bourque.

"Did the Habs try to get a second pick in the first round to get another player? The answer is yes. Mavrik Bourque was the targeted player. This means that Lapierre's medical file worried the Habs' decision makers. Yet, it was shown at the time that his concussion problems were no more and no less than those experienced by Sidney Crosby a few years ago!" - JiC

I reiterate, Guhle is a solid defenseman, brimming with leadership and playing a game close to Shea Weber's. But considering that Lapierre could become a Patrice Bergeron, or even a Nicklas Backstrom, will the Canadiens regret not putting him on their roster?
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