The Canadiens have made a major decision regarding Carey Price, and TVA Sports has published an unexpected article

Elias Edmonson
October 16, 2023  (10:31)

Happy Monday!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend! For the Montreal Canadiens, it was notably the very first home game of the season, and we were treated to a solid showdown between the Canadiens and the Chicago Blackhawks. (no, we're not talking about the pre-game ceremonies here)
Those ceremonies with the introduction of the Canadiens players sure did spark some chatter, especially since the Laval Rocket had just set an incredibly high standard with a spectacular pre-game.

Montreal Canadiens: A pre-game that caused a stir at the Bell Centre

To touch on that a bit, we simply want to mention that we got the idea.
The Canadiens wanted to promote a team and group concept, but let's say the execution didn't quite achieve unanimous approval. After all, it's not as if the players had practiced it beforehand either.
The idea was great, but they probably thought it would come off better on screen and that there'd be fewer "silences", but oh well.
Speaking of these pre-game ceremonies with the introduction of the Canadiens players, what probably caused the most chatter was the decision regarding Carey Price.
The Canadiens made a choice.
For the very first time, a break was made. Price was not introduced before the game like all the players; he was simply acknowledged in the middle of the second period. (like Paul Byron, who announced his retirement)
Did you like that? Do you think Carey should have been presented as last year, or do you also believe it's good that the break was made?
"I'm glad to see Carey Price is present... and that they didn't put (too much) emphasis on his presence.

The spotlight was left for the 2023-24 edition of which he's not a part.

I love Carey, but that chapter is closed."

Maxime Truman

Lastly, a shout-out to TVA Sports, which saw a certain "clash" between its Canadiens broadcast team and its web team.
"TVA Sports writing about the ceremonies aired on TVA Sports that weren't very good.

New era.

NHL hockey won't be returning to Quebecor after June 2026."


It's indeed ironic to see them write about the pre-game ceremonies they broadcasted themselves.
Here's the article in question. It was rather unexpected on their part, to say the least.
In short, the opening game is a thing of the past, and we're looking forward! Exciting times ahead this season! Martin St-Louis' crew is taking on the Minnesota Wild tomorrow night at 7 pm at the Bell Centre. A great challenge.
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The Canadiens have made a major decision regarding Carey Price, and TVA Sports has published an unexpected article

Do you believe it's good that Carey Price wasn't introduced with the players on Saturday before the game at the Bell Centre?

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