Sooner or later, Dominique Ducharme will fall victim to his temperament, according to Stéphane Waite

Published December 14, 2021 at 6:18 PM

Dominique Ducharme's leadership of his team has come under a lot of criticism lately. The Habs head coach is serene when talking to reporters or even his players, which is particularly getting attention.

Stéphane Waite even added a layer of criticism on 98.5 FM today. According to him, Ducharme's biggest problem is the fact that he is not feared by his players, which could eventually cost him his job.

"Dominique is not feared, he doesn't scare anyone. That's probably something that could cost him his job, being too good a guy. I understand that it's not the time anymore where you plant or yell at a player in the locker room, but it's important to have some grasp with your players."

The former Canadiens goalie coach even gave Dom Ducharme a good reason to be much tougher on his players.

"All the more reason for Dominique to say 'ok, maybe I won't be here next year, I'll stir up some crap. I'm going to try to make something happen,' because he's going to pay for it."

Waite didn't use those words, but he did limit himself by saying that Dom Ducharme is a very soft coach. The Montreal coach has a very calm and friendly temperament, which could eventually cost him his job. So he would be a victim of his personality. Yes, it's good to have a certain bond with your players, but when it's time, you have to tighten up the screws properly.

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