Possible turnaround on Carey Price: contrary to recent announcements, he may change his mind about being around the team

Jeff Drouin
October 14, 2022  (0:34)

On Wednesday night, during the CH's opening game, the most emotional moment of the presentations was certainly the huge ovation that was reserved for Carey Price. Unlike Shea Weber last year, the famous goaltender was present at the game and in the team's entourage for the start of the season.

Price, however, does not know if he will be around the team throughout the season. During his press conference on the sidelines of the opening game, the CH's GM, Kent Hughes, said that the decision was still in the goaltender's court.
"He's in Montreal, so I think so. But it's up to him.

We told him, 'If you're not able to play and you want to do some work with us, come see us'" - Kent Hughes

It would not be surprising, however, if we learn a little more in the coming days, as Hughes mentioned in his press briefing that Price would meet with the media in the coming week. The latter will therefore certainly be questioned about his involvement in the organization.
That being said, Hughes is not putting any pressure on Price and will respect either decision. The GM confirmed that trading Price's contract was not in his plans and that there is no pressure to cut ties with the famous goalie.
I've seen clients get frustrated by staying around the team because they feel like they're not part of it anymore," he said.

My concern was mostly having both [Weber and Price] on the long-term injured list. Just one, I think we can handle." - Kent Hughes

In an excellent piece published Wednesday in The Athletic by Arpon Basu, we were able to learn that the goalie's quality of life is not at its best. Carey still has pain in his knee just walking up the stairs. He is very hopeful that his next surgery will allow him to enjoy at least the next 20 years with his family. As for putting on his skates again, he seems to be hoping for a miracle!
Basically, from what we understand, Carey sincerely intends to stay around the team, but if it's too difficult for him, he keeps the option of taking a step back from it.
We can understand that.
Imagine how hard it must be for Price to be around his teammates every day, following their routines, knowing full well that he can only be a spectator. It can be understandably frustrating and depressing.
So it will be a case to follow, but it's perfect that Kent Hughes doesn't put any pressure on him. We shouldn't put any pressure on him and we should understand that.
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Possible turnaround on Carey Price: contrary to recent announcements, he may change his mind about being around the team

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