New jobs for Claude Julien and Bob Hartley

Published September 13, 2022 at 3:50 PM

After recently stepping down as head coach, and announcing his retirement as a coach, Bob Hartley has just found a new job.

We're talking about retirement here, but it should be noted that Bob has kept the door open to possibly accept offers that are impossible to refuse. In particular, offers that would allow him to continue to live off his passion without compromising his family life.

In short, Hartley will not have been inactive for too long, having just accepted a job with his former KHL team.

He will not be a coach, but a consultant for the development of young players in the Omsk Avangard Academy's development program. A great mandate for him!

In light of his recent comments, we understand that this is a job that will allow him to be at home a lot, but in any case, we are happy for him and for these young Omsk players, who will benefit from his unparalleled expertise.

The man who is also a contributor on BPM Sports is likely to give more details in his next column.


Also, we just learned that former Montreal Canadiens head coach Claude Julien has just accepted a job in Switzerland.

From what we understand, he will be an advisor in Ambri-Piotta and he will be there to share his experience with the staff and the players (starting in the next few weeks, and for the rest, we don't have the details yet).

This could be just like the kind of mandate Bob Hartley just accepted in Omsk.

It's hard to say whether the two brilliant hockey men, Julien and Hartley, plan to stay in Europe long term or not, but they are certainly solid additions to both organizations involved.

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New jobs for Claude Julien and Bob Hartley

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