Mitch Marner's armed robbery yesterday: Brendan Gallagher experienced a similar situation

Published May 17, 2022 at 10:09

On Monday night, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner had the scare of his life. He was robbed at gunpoint while on his way to the movies with a friend.

Even if all indications are that the suspects did not know it was Mitch Marner, they only wanted the car, the whole thing comes two days after the Leafs were eliminated by the Tampa Bay Lightning. It could very well have been a personal vendetta by a dissatisfied fan.

One of the people who must understand Marner right now is Brendan Gallagher. He was the victim, a few days after the CH's loss to Tampa Bay last year in the Grand Finals, of a home invasion. The CH forward came home from the Tampa Bay game to find that his house had been robbed.

The number 11 did not give more details at the time as to when exactly the robbery could have happened, but it seems that the burglars took advantage of his absence from the media in the previous days, when he was in Florida to play the last game. The athlete also did not divulge any further information about the items robbed or the damage done to his home.

Here's what Gally had to say after the incident via his TikTok account while eating a sandwich while listening to a Pit Bull song:

"When your Stanley Cup dreams are dashed and you come home to find you've been robbed. But that's okay, because the pit bull has seen it all" - Brendan Gallagher
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