Major development in the Mike Matheson file and it announces movement to come in Montreal

Published November 7, 2022 at 11:11

The journalist Renaud Lavoie spoke about it during the last hours, and it is confirmed again today, we are really witnessing a big turnaround concerning Mike Matheson.

His injury really seems to be healing faster than expected, and we love it.

"Considering how hard Mike Matheson is pushing himself (and being intense) on the ice today, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think he'll be back well within three weeks." - Eric Engels

Interesting! So there may indeed be some movement soon for the Montreal Canadiens:

"Mike Matheson is nearing a return... Can't wait to see what the CH's defensive pairings will be at that time! There will definitely be too many lefties!

Harris-Edmundson (left-handed)
Xhekaj-Matheson (left-handed)

Not optimal, let's say!"

- Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

This is great news, and an important development, but it's also another "problem" for General Manager Kent Hughes to deal with.

Hughes hasn't even finished dealing with Joel Edmundson yet, and now he'll eventually have to make room in his lineup to insert Mike Matheson.

Remember that in order to insert Edmundson into the lineup, the Montreal Canadiens placed Evgenii Dadonov on the injured list.

We are talking about a temporary solution, but Hughes will definitely have to solve it in the next few hours, by completing a trade, by placing a player on the waivers or by making a referral to Laval.

There is movement to come and it promises. Not only will Hughes eventually have to reactivate Dadonov (and make a roster spot), he will soon have to do the same for Matheson.

More details to follow!

See here some pictures:

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Major development in the Mike Matheson file and it announces movement to come in Montreal

Who will be taken out for Matheson?

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