Mailloux and vanessa cosi controversy: she has just added more and she confirms that all of this is just a misunderstanding

Elias Edmonson
October 15, 2023  (5:28 PM)

The saga continues.

In the last few minutes, via her personal page, the influencer Vanessa Cosi again addressed what is being circulated in the media involving herself and the young defender of the Montreal Canadiens, Logan Mailloux.

Yes, I have a gripe against the media who like to insinuate things. I believe my message got across because TVA Sport deleted their article, though a bit too late as the article has been replicated elsewhere. People can't read between the lines and differentiate between jokes or not. I was very clear that it was a joke, and people blindly continue to believe what they are shown, with a version very different from the truth. This story went far because of the media who wanted clicks on their articles, and they accomplished their goal. Bravo! At no point did I harass anyone, at no point did I talk about fantasies. If you want to compare, at least compare apples to apples. Insinuating comments to provoke a reaction from the public on social media isn't very credible when viewed from the outside. But that's their job! People will always have something to say and use social media to vent in the comments. If even TVA Sport themselves removed their post, it's probably because it had no business being there in the first place. Thank you to the hundreds of people who understood that it made no sense. I read you and am grateful for it.
With that, have a good Sunday everyone! I wish only positivity to all those people who harbor hatred behind their phones. One day you'll realize that it's certain media who plant an idea in your head, and you should check the source to see if it's exactly what's mentioned.

There. Her message is clear.
However, it is very important to emphasize one point. The real "victim" of this whole story is Mailloux, who never asked to be involved in all this.
It would have been nice if she apologized a bit for involving him in it, but oh well. The good news is that it seems to be a resolved case.
See the viral photos she just posted:

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Mailloux and vanessa cosi controversy: she has just added more and she confirms that all of this is just a misunderstanding

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