Josh Anderson confessed to being the nephew of a former CH star

Published October 10, 2021 at 6:14 PM

As soon as Josh Anderson stepped on the ice with a Montreal Canadiens jersey on his back, all the fans fell under the spell of the one affectionately nicknamed "Power Horse". He is also nicknamed by various specialists and/or fans, the 5 o'clock train or the Stallion.

He wowed the gallery with his speed, he skates faster than the wind. A big guy of 6 feet 3 and almost 230 pounds who skates at this speed is unheard of... or almost. When he grabs the puck and runs with it into opponent territory, he explodes towards the net.

Anyway, all this hullabaloo to point out that Josh Anderson wished his uncle, as if everyone knew, Peter Mahovlich, a happy birthday. Yes, yes, the Pete Mahovlich who spent nine seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, with whom he collected 569 points in 580 regular games and won no less than four Stanley Cups.

The 6'5" Ontario giant turns 75 today! Happy birthday, Mr. Mahovlich. We can understand your nephew's absolute desire to play with the Montreal Canadiens!
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