Jayden Struble is a monster: another piece of evidence

Published October 4, 2021 at 9:59

On Sunday, my colleague Keven Mawn talked about Jayden Struble's excellent performance in his first game of the season. The 2nd round pick for the Montreal Canadiens in 2019 collected three points in this game, which is still a fact that we must underline.

If we talk about this one with so much passion, it's because he remains a "hidden" hope for the Canadiens since he was considerably slowed down by a bad groin injury. He had been dragging it out for a long time, which slowed down his progress considerably. This year, he is back to full health and he said during the summer season that we would see the real Struble.

As we know, Struble is brimming with confidence and has the skills to do so. The reason he is called a monster is simple, the 20-year-old defenseman is as strong as a big tree. He is as strong as Jos Montferrand. He proved it during the physical tests conducted by the Habs in 2019, and then, yesterday, he left his calling card on the ice.

We're talking, but if he ever breaks through the Montreal Canadiens' defense, he and Kaiden Guhle will be the law at the blue line. OUCH! When it goes BOOM!

Funny, I see that tune going off when Struble knocks down an opponent. Imagine if that happened at the Bell Centre, it would get heated!

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