Gallagher picked up Goodrow in the public square

Published November 17, 2021 at 2:00 PM

On Wednesday morning, Brendan Gallagher received a $2,500 penalty following his vicious punch to Barclay Goodrow. When asked about it in front of the media following the Habs' practice session, "Gally" didn't mince his words towards Goodrow.

The number 11 picked on the New York Rangers' forward in the public arena by saying that he had no pride. He specifically said that most players would have too much pride to act like Goodrow did. He has a point there, if the following picture is any indication.

Yes, as Gallagher pointed out, there was some acting involved, some "sales" work, but at the same time, Gallagher's hit is still unsightly, in my opinion. It cost a late penalty in the game, when his team could have leveled the score.

Anyway, now let's move on, shall we?
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