Expert predicts a Kent Hughes theatrical stunt with the Canadiens' first overall pick

Published June 11, 2022 at 8:28

In the last few seconds, one of the best experts in the business, Chris Peters, has just revealed his final rankings for the 2022 NHL Draft.

As noted Frank Seravalli, Peters is way ahead of you and me, and he's in a great position to weigh in:

"A real bomb from Chris Peters. He's worked inordinately hard, he's been to Germany for the U18 Worlds, he's spent countless hours analyzing games and videos of top prospects, and he's spent countless hours chatting with NHL scouts.

Chris Peters just released his top-100 prospects, looking ahead to the 2022 NHL Draft - and Shane Wright is not #1."

So see Peters' long-awaited final rankings (

1. Logan Cooley

"It's not a good draft at the top, but he's the most dynamic player in this draft, and the one with the most potential to be a big star player. If he keeps this up, he'll be a #1 center in the NHL." - Chris Peters

So he does indeed have Cooley at #1. It would be quite big if Kent Hughes calls that name, especially considering that 99% of Quebec observers (or nearly so) don't even include him in the picks anymore.

According to the vast majority, it's between Wright and Slafkovsky. Cooley's choice would be a huge surprise.

2. Shane Wright

3. Juraj Slafkovsky

4. David Jiricek

5. Simon Nemec

6. Cutter Gauthier

7. Frank Nazar

8. Joakim Kemell

9. Jonathan Lekkerimaki (Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton love him)

10. Matthew Savoie

11. Danila Yurov

12. Marco Kasper

13. Denton Mateychuk

14. Kevin Korchinski

15. Jagger Firkus

16. Isaac Howard

17. Pavel Mintyukov

18. Rutger McGroarty

19. Conor Geekie

20. Ivan Miroshnichenko


25. Brad Lambert


34. Nathan Gaucher


36. Jack Hughes (son of Kent Hughes)


40. Tristan Luneau

For the very interesting complete explanations and for the complete ranking, it's here:

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Expert predicts a Kent Hughes theatrical stunt with the Canadiens' first overall pick

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