A trade completed by Hughes that looks like a possible jackpot so far, thanks to Mesar and Heineman

Published October 1, 2022 at 1:07

One of the main themes of the beginning of the Montreal Canadiens training camp is obviously the performances of the organization's new young players.

Everyone has their own opinion on Juraj Slafkovsky's recent performances, but there are three names that everyone agrees on among the young forwards. Three new young forwards who are having very solid camps, who are unanimously impressing both experts and fans.

We are talking about Filip Mesar, Emil Heineman, and of course, Owen Beck.

Even Martin St-Louis seems to be very impressed by their performances. The head coach has often mentioned the name of Emil Heineman in a press conference as a surprise player who could force his hand.

What is interesting here is that two of these three players were acquired in the same transaction.

While the deal that sent Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames was not initially a big hit, this trade seems to be a big hit for Kent Hughes (and that doesn't take anything away from Toffoli, who is much more valuable to the Flames right now).

Let's review the transaction in question:

In Montreal:

Emil Heineman
Tyler Pitlick
A first round pick in 2022 (became Filip Mesar)
A fifth round pick in 2023

To Calgary:

Tyler Toffoli

In hindsight, while Toffoli was extremely well liked in Montreal, one has to admit that Hughes possibly hit the nail on the head, especially if Heineman and Mesar continue to impress like this.

"Those who weren't happy with the return they got in the Tyler Toffoli trade are probably changing their minds by watching this training camp: Filip Mesar and Emil Heineman are two of the #CH's best-looking young prospects!" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Looking back, do you like this trade more?

We might look back on this trade in three or four years, and realize that the CH acquired two very solid young hockey players.

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A trade completed by Hughes that looks like a possible jackpot so far, thanks to Mesar and Heineman

Looking back, do you like the Tyler Toffoli trade?

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