A real steal: the Montreal Canadiens have acquired another solid first-round value pick by drafting Joshua Roy in 2021

Elias Edmonson
October 31, 2023  (11:20)

While the Montreal Canadiens are playing very well and are practically attracting all the attention right now, it's also important to remember that extremely positive things are happening very close to here, with the Laval Rocket.

One of the organization's brightest prospects, Joshua Roy, is truly establishing himself as one of the best players in the AHL even though he's only 20 years old. This is big, and it's very rare to see that!
He already has an incredible 12 points, including 5 goals, in just 7 games.
He is just one point away from being the top scorer in the entire AHL, and he has a game in hand. He is also easily the leading scorer among rookies in the American Hockey League, ahead of very promising names like Brad Lambert and Logan Stankoven.
In short, we can clearly say that the CH hit a grand slam by drafting Joshua Roy at, hold on to your hats, the 150th overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.
If the draft were to be done over today, Joshua Roy would not only be a first-round pick, but he would also be a high first-round pick.
Would you take Roy or Tyler Boucher (10th overall pick)?
Would you take Roy or Isak Rosen (14th overall pick)?
Would you take Roy or Chaz Lucius (18th overall pick)?
And there are more!
This is the kind of pick that can really make a huge difference for an organization, especially one in rebuilding, when you manage to turn a 5th round pick into a top first-round pick. (without even making a trade)
Hats off! We are really looking forward to seeing what comes next for Roy.
Clearly, there are NHL GMs who must regret having ignored him.
«The Beauceron Sniper has collected 11 points in his first five games in the AHL, which is impressive in itself, but when you look closer at his work with the Laval Rocket, the way Roy has produced these points is also very encouraging.» - Marc Dumont

Joshua Roy, according to advanced statistics and with the quality of the league adjusted, has a «PNHLe» production higher than all other young players, with a certain Matvei Michkov.
That says a lot!
Let's let him develop and not rush things, but all this is very exciting.
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A real steal: the Montreal Canadiens have acquired another solid first-round value pick by drafting Joshua Roy in 2021

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