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Martin St-Louis is criticized following a comment he made to Céline Dion

Martin St-Louis is criticized following a comment he made to Céline Dion

BY ELIAS     NOVEMBER 1, 2023  (1:03 PM)
As you have probably already seen, the Montreal Canadiens posted a nice video in which we notably see head coach Martin St-Louis meeting none other than Céline Dion.

Watching the video, we found it very friendly and nice to see.

However, not everyone feels the same way.

Following the publication of this video, Martin St-Louis has been the target of numerous criticisms, particularly for the following reason.

"Martin St-Louis's dove.

The only thing Martin St-Louis of the Canadiens has to say to Céline Dion is to talk about her performance of 'La colombe' in front of the Pope! Well! Since then, there have been three popes. And the Titanic song. René's death. And 230 million records sold!

Ah yes! A dove in 1984.

Then the last Stanley Cup... in 1993!

Let's just say he didn't score with that!"

There is no need to reveal the identity of this critic, but let's just say that it's a very respected figure in the media world.

And there are many other similar criticisms.

See also some comments.

"He could have tried a bit harder indeed, he went digging up memories from the archives... Céline responded well.."

"I quite agree with you, because despite the nervousness, he should have been prepared for this encounter. On the other hand, maybe he was not aware because they did not want to create unnecessary stress by knowing it in advance, etc. But the exchange could have been much better."

"Martin dropped the ball... so what? We've all dropped the ball before. I think there are many other topics to talk about than the fact that St-Louis got a little flustered!!!"

"You see, I don't interpret it like you do. He starts by congratulating her for all her achievements. The awkwardness may be explained by the fact that few people go into the locker room, especially after a loss, after a game, other than journalists. And the fact that he remembers the year of the pope still shows a certain general knowledge for a guy who has made a career outside Quebec. I grew up here and I didn't remember the year myself. In short, you interpret it with your artist's eye and I with my hockey eye!"

"You know what... he's the coach of the Montreal Canadiens... Now enough with the intimidation. There's more to Céline than 'La colombe' from 1984. Big miss... Awkward, but there's a limit!"

"I so agree with you. It's embarrassing. Even the hug is too much. He seems to forget he's talking to the queen of Vegas."

There were also some harsher ones.

Obviously, everyone is perfectly entitled to their opinion, but we find them a bit tough on Martin St-Louis.

What do you think?

It proves once again how much the head coach of the Canadiens is seriously (too?) scrutinized.
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