There has just been an important development concerning Jonathan Drouin

BY MARCO    NOVEMBER 21, 2022  (3:53 PM)
In the last few minutes, new information has surfaced regarding the health of Quebec forward Jonathan Drouin, and it's a real shame,

Once again struck by bad luck, Drouin is currently suffering from a painful rib injury, according to what DansLesCoulisses reports.

We already knew that Jonathan Drouin was going to be out for a while, but it's finally going to be a little longer than expected.

The details had not been revealed.

Another bad news for Drouin.

Today, we learn that this upper body injury is indeed a rib injury, as reported by Maxime Truman on BPM Sports.

Let's bet that Jonathan will try to come back to the game as soon as possible, he really needs a convincing season for his future in the NHL, but knowing that it's a rib injury, you have to know that it can take a long time to heal completely. (and in the meantime, it's painful)

The "good news" if you can call it that, is that his current upper body injury is finally not related to his wrists, contrary to some rumors.

More details to follow!

Drouin, 27, currently has 4 points (no goals) in 12 games this season.