The Montreal Canadiens about to make a big decision regarding Samuel Montembeault?

Published January 24, 2023 at 8:58 PM
For the past few games, it is safe to say that goaltender Samuel Montembeault is the Habs' MVP.

This is still the case tonight.

Not only does he give his team a chance to win every time he starts, but the Habs' goalie has put up some amazing numbers. In six of his last seven games, he's maintained an efficiency average above .925.

Considering that his defense has left him alone for a bit in those seven games, we're seeing Carey Price-like performances when he was at his best.

I'm not comparing the Quebec goaltender to Price, I'm just telling you that Montembeault's performances have made him one of the best in the NHL over the last two weeks.

As Marco Normandin of reports, some pundits are even questioning whether Montembeault could be the organization's goalie of the future.

This is the case of Anthony Martineau, journalist at TVA Sports, who said this about the Quebec goalie:

"Samuel Montembeault inherited the mandate to finish the CH's miserable season last year, when the motivation had already left the group for a long time. He played injured. He always kept an A+ attitude, trained hard this summer and is reaping the dividends today.

Imagine what kind of numbers he would have in an organization in the playoff picture (or in the playoffs).

His performance since January 3rd is stratospheric. Let's stop being afraid of words: he can be THE guy."

It's true that Montembeault is currently taking advantage of the fact that Jake Allen is on the injured list, but the way he's been playing lately, it's going to be hard for Martin St. Louis to take Montembeault out of the front of the net when Allen is ready to return to action.

Could the CH make a big decision on Montembeault and officially designate him as the CH's new number one goalie? He deserves it!

Could the CH make a decision to trade Jake Allen to make room for Montembeault?

These are real options.

One thing is for sure, at $1 million per season, #35 is by far the best deal in the NHL this season in front of the net.

What would you do if that was your decision?

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