The Canadiens broke a record for mediocrity yesterday

BY MARCO    NOVEMBER 23, 2022  (10:52)
The Montreal Canadiens fans gathered at the Bell Centre yesterday didn't have time to blink and it was already 3-0.

They broke a record of mediocrity that dates back to 1979.

On February 4, the Washington Capitals scored three goals in 2:25.

Yesterday, the Sabres took 2:13 to accomplish the same feat.


The Canadiens set a franchise record for the fastest three goals allowed to start a game (2:13).
Previous mark: three goals scored by the Capitals in the first 2:25 minutes on February 4, 1979.

The Habs currently sits in sixth place in the Atlantic Division with a 9-9-1 record and 19 points in 19 games.