Suzuki responds to Pierre Gervais' statements regarding Bergevin, Ducharme and Pacioretty

BY MARCO    NOVEMBER 21, 2022  (2:41 PM)
As you may have seen in the last few hours, Pierre Gervais' new book is causing a huge stir.

So much so, that it even made its way into the Montreal Canadiens' dressing room.

In the last few seconds, captain Nick Suzuki had this to say:

"Captain Nick Suzuki on what former equipment manager Pierre Gervais wrote in his book about Marc Bergevin, Dominque Ducharme and Max Pacioretty: "it's his book, his thoughts and opinions" - he says he personally has a lot of respect for Bergevin, Ducharme and Pacioretty."

- Reported by Priyanta Emrith

And then he adds this:

"Nick Suzuki says Dominique Ducharme isn't the only one to blame for the team's failures last year, "I wish him well and hope he gets another opportunity in the league."

- Renaud Lavoie

"I don't think Dominique Ducharme had lost the locker room. Everybody respects him, he did some good things when he became head coach, he took us to the Stanley Cup Final."-Nick Suzuki

There's a lot of talk in the locker room right now. More details to follow!

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