Renaud Lavoie reveals the identity of three other players who broke the team rules

BY MARCO    MARCH 18, 2023  (10:01)
As you know, yesterday, forward Jonathan Drouin missed a team meeting and was therefore punished by his head coach Martin St-Louis.

He was not allowed to participate in his team's practice and might be suspended (by his team) for tonight's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Do not be surprised if he is sent to the stands for this reason.

In short, when revisiting this story yesterday, journalist Renaud Lavoie revealed the identities of three other players who made the same mistake as Drouin and missed team meetings (or arrived late without reason).

P.K. Subban

Lavoie praises St-Louis for "putting on his big boy pants" and punishing Drouin, especially since it hasn't always been the case.

According to what he mentioned, at the time, a certain P.K. Subban often missed team meetings and frequently broke this team rule, and he was never punished.

A situation that really frustrated his teammates.

"I remember back in the days of P.K. Subban when he was playing with the Montreal Canadiens, it wasn't, I don't want to say the norm, but he would arrive late to team meetings on a few occasions, and that greatly frustrated his teammates.

What frustrated his teammates even more was that there were never any consequences for Subban. He was not left out of a game, and he was never told to stay at the hotel. (as St-Louis did with Drouin yesterday)"

Renaud Lavoie

The TVA Sports journalist also added the names of two other players who missed team meetings: Alex Ovechkin and Tyler Seguin.

Seguin was then punished by Claude Julien (for one game).

Ovechkin was also punished by Barry Trotz (for one game).

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