Nick Suzuki Loses His Cool in Front of the Panthers Bench and all Hell Breaks Loose

BY AARON    MARCH 16, 2023  (10:44 PM)
The Canadiens game against the Panthers was wild, losing 9-5. Captain Nick Suzuki wouldn't end the night off easy, however.

Suzuki Given Game Misconduct

Tensions were high after a first period that combined for ten goals between the two teams.

With frustration setting in, Habs Captain Nick Suzuki couldn't hold himself back, and cross-checked young centre Anton Lundell near the Panthers bench.

Suzuki was awarded a game misconduct, much to the chagrin of fans.

Jonathan Kovacevic equally got a game misconduct in the scrum.

Suzuki spoke after the game:

#Habs Nick Suzuki on his ejection: "I got him on the top of the helmet, it wasn't under his visor. He kinda took a weird run at me, I gave him a shot, a little scrum...I don't think I did anything that bad - probably the refs just trying to control the game & call a penalty

This is definitely disappointing behaviour from captain Suzuki, but in the heat of the crazy game, its hard to blame him for losing his cool.