NHL's controversial last-minute announcement regarding Nick Suzuki

BY JULIEN TREKKER    MARCH 17, 2023  (10:45)
According to a recent report by journalist Eric Engels, who covers the Montreal Canadiens for Sportsnet, the National Hockey League (NHL) is about to penalize forward Nick Suzuki.

"I'm being told that Nick Suzuki could be penalized for his hit last night." - Eric Engels

Last-minute update

Suzuki has indeed been penalized, but it turns out to be a fine of $2,500.

"Nick Suzuki of Montreal has been fined $2,500 for a cross-check on Florida's Anton Lundell."

The penalty is ultimately minor, but still, many fans strongly disagree with the decision to target Suzuki by the NHL's Department of Player Safety for such a commonplace action.

More details will follow.

Suzuki himself was not happy with the referee's decision:

It will be interesting to hear his comments after this additional disciplinary action imposed by the league.

It's "only" $2,500, but it's mainly the significance of the additional measure that is controversial and seemingly unnecessary.

This leaves a mark on Suzuki's record and will influence possible future sanctions.