Milan Lucic's wife revealed the shocking reason he got arrested

Published November 18, 2023 at 9:08 PM
This is probably the news of the day in the world of hockey.

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic left his team's environment today after being arrested by the police.

Official reports mentioned a 'domestic altercation'.

There's now new information, and it's disturbing.

Here they are. There's also a frightening video of the call made to the police that's circulating.

«I-Team sources report that Lucic's wife called 911, accusing her husband of a******g and c******g her. Responding officers noted Milan Lucic appeared to be drunk,»

This incident echoes a previous one from Lucic's time in Boston, suggesting a troubling pattern of behavior. Many are now urging the NHL to intervene and hoping for the necessary support for his family.