Jake Allen just made a major move and it says a lot about him

BY JULIEN TREKKER    MARCH 17, 2023  (9:07 PM)
As you know, goaltender Jake Allen unfortunately had a historically disastrous performance last night against the Florida Panthers.

He allowed 6 goals on 18 shots, for a save percentage of .667.

Today, after the Montreal Canadiens' morning practice, we witnessed a truly unexpected scene.

After such an evening, 99.9% of athletes avoid the media and journalists like the plague.

99.9% of athletes want the dust to settle and they want peace, or simply never to hear about it again (with good reason).

But not Jake Allen.

Earlier today, Allen was the first to face the journalists, and he was determined to answer all their questions.

He did not shy away at all, he took the blame, he stood up, and he truly had an exemplary attitude.

Hats off! It says a lot about him and it's worth mentioning.

To see his complete press conference, see the bottom. It's impressive, honestly.

"It was definitely not a good game on my part, there's no doubt about that. I take full responsibility for that, for yesterday. I wasn't good enough. [...] I have to be better for the guys. It was not pleasant.

It's inexcusable."

- Jake Allen, Montreal Canadiens goalie