Ducharme breaks his silence regarding Pierre Gervais' revelations and he is emotional

BY MARCO    NOVEMBER 22, 2022  (6:57 PM)
In the last few seconds on BPM Sports, former Montreal Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharme reacted to Pierre Gervais' revelations (written in his famous book)

He first mentioned that he was (not surprisingly) extremely disappointed to hear what was said.

He then wrote to "Gerv", via text message, to tell him that he was disappointed, and even angry, to have learned that things like that had come out publicly.

Also, Ducharme mentions that this is not true.

He took the time to explain himself for each of Pierre Gervais' criticisms, from mandatory practices, to poor communication, to his relationship with Shea Weber and Corey Perry (which was excellent)

"Let's see, I'm not going to scratch a player by text." - Dominique Ducharme

Listening to the interview, one quickly realizes that Ducharme was shaken and saddened by Pierre Gervais' book.

"What is written in the book, for me, it does not reflect the reality at all." - Dominique Ducharme

Ducharme seems truly disappointed and in disbelief:

"It makes me laugh. [...] It made me angry, and it disappointed me" - Dominique Ducharme

See some of the salient responses:

"When I read what was said about Marc, I fell off my chair."

"Do you really think Bergevin didn't consult with a few players?"

"Let's see, I'm not going to scratch a player by text."

- Dominique Ducharme

A two-minute must-listen:

In fact, we highly recommend listening to this entire interview. There is some very good "stock", Dominique generously takes the time to comment on each of the less than stellar stories reported (in Gervais' book) about him.

He clearly gives his side of the story and it is very interesting.

For more details: